Boab Roller Drawers have helped me to be more organised in my travels. I am often off-road for weeks at a time, and am now able to keep my vehicle tidy, and goods secured while travelling.

Josh B

I use the Boab Footwell Tank as it is great to sit on the floor behind my driver and passenger seats in my Station Wagon, and still allows me to have the room in the boot, and have the kids in the back.

Matthew S

I don’t know what I did before installing the Boab Anchor Track System in my ute tray. It just makes transporting and securing goods safe and so much easier!

Glenn W

I consider myself to be a very passionate 4×4 enthusiast and swear by Boab’s products. Boab understand the tough conditions us Aussies deal with offroad and design products that last!

Richard E

I have recently installed a set of double roller drawers in my Landrover Defender Wagon. I store all of my tools, first aid kits, recovery gear and other bits and pieces in them, and use all my extra space ontop of the drawers for all of my camping and solar gear.

Todd W

My 200 Watt Boab Portable Solar Blanket allows me to keep my batteries fully charged while I am on my family camping trips. It folds down to a convenient size and is easy to pack away.

Stephen P
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