Welcome to Boab: Your Rooftop Tent Destination

Products Designed by Offroad Enthusiasts, for Offroad Enthusiasts!

Established in Australia in 2007, Boab has been a trusted
name in adventure gear, offering a diverse range of products, including universal
& diesel storage tanks, awnings, shower
, securing & tie-down solutions, roller drawer systems,
cargo slides, insect nets & screens, cargo organizing
, camping accessories, and, of course, our roof top
. Much like the enduring Boab tree, our brand continues to grow,
expanding our product range to meet your evolving off-road needs.

Inspired by the Resilient Boab Tree

The Australian Boab tree, scientifically known as 'Adansonia
gregorii,' stands as a living testament to resilience and durability in harsh
environments. These remarkable trees thrive in the arid landscapes of
Australia's Kimberley region, with their stout trunks storing water to endure
scorching temperatures and prolonged droughts.

In much the same spirit, Boab's collection of tough off-road
products, including our premium Roof Top Tents, is engineered to conquer the
most challenging terrains and conditions. Designed for 4x4 enthusiasts and
outdoor adventurers, our rooftop tents offer a comfortable and convenient
escape in nature's embrace.

Pushing Boundaries with Rooftop Tents

Just as the branches of the Boab tree stretch towards the
sky, our Roof Top Tents push the boundaries of adventure. Your journey starts
here, where we focus on providing secure and comfortable shelter for outdoor

Endurance, Strength, and Performance

Much like the Boab tree's enduring presence, our Roof Top
Tents symbolize durability, strength, and unwavering performance. Whether
you're planning an off-road expedition, a camping trip, or an outdoor
adventure, our rooftop tents are designed to be your reliable and comfortable

At Boab, we embody the spirit of the Boab tree in every
product we offer. Your adventure begins here, with rooftop tents as the
cornerstone of your outdoor experience. Welcome to Boab - Your Rooftop Tent